Current exhibition

Kirill Alanne "Mistique Jungle"








Have you ever thought about how many things happened in the buildings that surround us? How many deaths were there? How many people were happy in that gray brick one? How many of them met madness on their way? And how many of them wanted to be finish with everything and meet their end? 


The answers to these questions are trying to find Kirill Alanne - the artist who became succesful during the last five years in the Europe. Alanne has a talent, he can show the hidden meanings with his own romantic style. 


We have a great pleasure to invite you to his exhibition, “Mistique Jungle”, where we will show his look on the conjunction between the streets and buildings of our lovely city Saint-Petersburg. The buildings are satellites in lives of every urban person. In this one we see our grownup, in one we were shy in front of our first love, in this one we met the death of our relative and in that one we are getting old. Sometimes with surprise we understand that a statue captured this moment. 


In this exhibition Kirill shows a carnival of colors of Saint Petersburg. After visiting the “Mistique Jungles” we do not guarantee that you will not have new questions about your life and your building.


                                                                                                                                    Text by: Maria Sumina