The works of the brothers give birth to ephemeral meanings. The wire compositions make us wonder if Will YaYa really works with matter or with the shadow that is born as he interacts with light. The artist performs a sort of shadow play: in his hands, something that has no shape by definition becomes material, while the material gradually dissolves.

  The works of Alexandr Yaya, blatantly bright, seemingly obeying the canons of fashion and mass culture, explore the inner space of their heroes. Sadness and musing accompany the characters. The author is on a quest for a new sincerity in modern world - behind bright colors hides something more subtle, intangible. The fish symbol crops up in his latest art series. The fish at the same time serves as a symbol of sublime connection between processes, and as an entity, whose part in the pieces is the conductor and progenitor of meanings. In this sense, the symbol is very close to the YaYa brothers themselves, who have always been devoted explorers of the instable and variable nature of materials, concepts and meanings.

  Paintings and 3D objects created by Alexander and Will rise from the debris of a seemingly complete picture of our Paintings and 3D objects created by Alexander and Will rise from the debris of a seemingly complete picture of our surrounding reality. The brothers unleash an eclectic stream of constantly transforming materials, forms and ideas based, as they say, on the mentality of a new beginning. This "fluid reality" of the modern society is the eye that looks at the surface of things. In the symbolic structures, shapes that are irregular yet familiar, it as though snaps a cross section of the world: through the materials and situations, we can glimpse the reality itself, in an attempt to hide its own nature. The art objects of the Yaya brothers tend to have a non-stable, changeable composition, their character discrete and volatile. In their art pieces, you could easily detect a certain recognizable and powerful creative note. At the same time, fluidity is their common trait, as a symbol of human thought relentlessly forcing forward. The brothers’ works have their own style, revealing the relations between nature and modern life – the ephemeral but endless process spawning questions that are not likely to ever find answers.